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Digital Product Ideas To Make Bank On Etsy

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So, you’ve been looking for ways in which you can make extra money.

Just something on the side to help make ends meet, or even, replace your 9-5.

A search on the internet has landed you here – to learn about selling Digital Products on Etsy.

Selling digital products is one of the top ways that I generate passive income. I’ve literally made thousands of dollars in extra income each month from selling things like printables, templates, and digital downloads.

Why Sell Digital Products?

Digital products are amazing because you can create them once and sell them online over and over (the true definition of passive income).

Not everyone has the moolah to pay top dollar for a custom designed item. Enter digital products. They have truly transformed how people are able to get what they need. You win, your customers win. We all win!

It will also not cost much to start your business. With no inventory or physical products to purchase or ship, digital products take a lot of the headache out of running a business. There are even design sites (like Canva or Printful) that let you get started for free!

Here’s A Quick Overview Of What I’ll Cover In This Article:

  • Why sell digital products?
  • The most popular digital products to sell that will make you money
  • How to decide what to sell
  • How to create digital products to sell online

Most Popular Digital Products To Sell Online

Below are some of the best-selling types of digital products on Etsy. This list is just a jumping-off point. Depending on your skills, knowledge, or expertise, the possibilities for what kind of digital products you can offer are limitless.

Check out this handy dandy chart below in which I break down not only how competitive the niche is, but what skill level is needed to create certain types of items.

Art PrintsHighLow
Birthday CardsHighLow
Business cardsHighLow
Business logosMediumHigh
Business plannersMediumMedium
Checklists & trackersMediumMedium
Etsy banners & shop kitsLowHigh
Financial PlannerLowMedium
Gift tagsMediumLow
Invitation Templates (wedding, graduation, birthday, baptism)HighMedium
Greeting cardsHighLow
Holiday cardsHighLow
Instagram templatesHighMedium
Phone wallpaperMediumLow
Pinterest Pin templatesLowMedium
Planner insertsHighMedium
Printable envelopes (address, money, etc.)LowMedium
Printable photo propsLowLow
Printable stationeryMediumMedium
Printable stickersHighLow
Quote printsHighLow
Resume templatesLowMedium
Social media templatesLowMedium
Website themesMediumHigh
Web store themes (Shopify themes)MediumHigh
Workbooks / EbooksLowHigh
These “scores” are based in my own research and interpretation. You may be more or less versed using a design tool, and therefore, the skill level for you to create will differ.

How To Decide What To Sell

Pick your niche. Heck, pick a couple of niches. When first starting out, you won’t know what you like or don’t like to create.

The key is finding what satisfies you financially & emotionally. Of course, you want to pick something that makes you money (no-brainer), but you also need to find the thing that you ENJOY creating. Anything else will just feel like a chore.

List all the products you are interested in focusing on and do your homework. Find out what the market wants and how you can make your item unique. Nobody likes a copycat.

Next, evaluate your design skills. Do you have what it takes to make something awesome? If not, no worries! Look for videos or courses that can teach you. YouTube is your best friend for tutorials and how-tos.

Creating Digital Products

There are many awesome tools to help create your digital products. I personally use and love Canva. I can truly create so many versatile things with Canva from Etsy banners to workbooks. It is my number #1 design tool. Check out my articles on Canva here, here, and here.

To create things like planners, checklists, or resume templates, your best bet is document editing software. Adobe InDesign, Affinity Publisher, Powerpoint, or Google Docs are some of the top tools I recommend.
A great option for items like stationery, invitations, or greeting cards, check out Corjl or Templett. Both of these websites are very popular among Etsy sellers, and for good reason. They are easy to use not only creating your items but user-friendly when editing as well.

Final Thoughts

Make sure no matter which platform you use to create your digital masterpieces, you ALWAYS check the terms of use or license details. If you are not sure, reach out to the site or person to ask about commercial licenses and resale of the element, graphic, or design you want to use.

If you have been wanting to sell some type of digital product in order to earn passive income I highly recommend it! I started my Etsy shop to help other small business owners with items that I had used every day.

I definitely did not know everything about Etsy and have figured it out along the way while also selling thousands or tens of thousands worth of digital products. Trust me, you can too!

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