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Even More Insanely Useful Canva Design Tips

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Here are the latest Canva tips, tricks, and ideas you must try the next time you use Canva. With Canva continuously coming out with new tools and features, what are some must-try Canva tips? From creating templates (to sell) to creating QR codes that redirect to any URL, I’ve got you covered in this Canva tutorial.

Canva has become an integral part of many people’s lives, especially for those who are running their businesses or working in the creative industry. With new tools and features constantly being added to the platform, it can be challenging to keep up with all the latest trends and tips. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with some of the hotest Canva tips, tricks, and ideas that you need to try out the next time you’re on the platform.

Some of these features are only available to Canva Pro users but don’t worry, you can get Canva Pro FREE for 30 days.

Share and sell Canva templates

One of the most exciting features of Canva is the ability to create and sell templates. This is a fantastic opportunity for designers and content creators to monetize their skills and earn some extra income. By creating templates that cater to a specific niche or market, you can attract more customers and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Not gonna lie, this is the bread & butter of my business. I sell Canva templates in my Etsy store, and that is how I have made it to the top 1% of Etsy sellers.

It works like this: Create a design (like a social media post set or Pinterest pin template) then click “Share” in the top Canva menu. In the “Share” drop-down, choose “Share a link to use as template”, then copy the link. You now have a shareable template link!

There are some rules regarding Canva licensing and commercial use, so be sure to read carefully.

Import and edit PDF files

New to Canva, this is incredibly useful if you have a PDF that you want to edit using Canva.

From the Canva home page, drag and drop the PDF you want to edit. It will take a few seconds to upload, depending on how large your document is. Of note, Canva will try to match the font, but sometimes an exact match isn’t possible.

Once fully processed, you can open by clicking the thumbnail. Then, you can adjust formatting, edit text, colors, and images, and change any fonts as you wish.

There are also a few limitations. The first is that a max of 100 pages can be uploaded into a single document. Also, you can’t upload a password-protected file.

Text Effects

Here are just a few of the effects available for you to change up the look of text in your design.

Frame Text

Add any photo or image to the letters of your design. For this design, select Elements, then Frames, and scroll until you find the alphabet. Add the letter you want and now you can drag and drop your desired image into the letter frame.

Other Text Effects

Curved text
Hollow outline

To create these effects, select the text you want to adjust, then choose “Effects” in the Canva toolbar. For each respective tool, there are various options available, like color, offset, direction or curve.

Outline Image Effect (Canva Pro)

Upload your desired image to Canva, then add it to your design. Select the image, then select “Edit Image” from the toolbar. We first want to remove the background (Canva Pro feature). This is much easier on an image with a plain background, but you can adjust (add or erase) using the Background removal tool to fine-tune things.

Next, with the image still selected, click “Edit Image” again, scroll to the “Shadows” toolset and choose “Glow”. We need to adjust the settings, so click the “Glow” button again to open the control toolbar. Set the transparency to 100%, Blur to 0%, and change the color to white (or whatever color you want). Now, increase the outline size to the level you want.

Cut Out Images (aka Collage Creator Tool)

Select Elements, then search for “Cutout” or “PNG”. Now you can add these extras on top of any image for the collage effect. This works great when creating things like IG stories or carousel posts.

You can also use a cutout image as a sticker on top of your stories. With Canva Pro, download the image with a transparent background from the Canva app on your phone, then you can add it as a sticker on top of your video for a cute and unique IG story!

Create a QR code

Another must-try feature of Canva is the ability to create QR codes that redirect to any URL. QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in the marketing world, as they provide an easy and convenient way to share information with potential customers. With Canva, you can easily create custom QR codes that direct users to your website, social media pages, or any other URL you choose.

Looking to direct someone to a webpage or your social media accounts with a QR code? The Canva QR code toll will generate a scannable QR code based on the link you enter.

Start by navigating to the far left tabs and scroll to the bottom to look for the APPS tab. This is where you can find multiple apps, but we just want the QR code for right now. Select The QR code app, then enter the URL you want someone to be directed to when they scan your code. You can also customize the colors to match your brand or design.

Once it is generated, you can move and resize it to suit your needs.

PRO TIP: Be sure to test out your QR code before finalizing your design. Scan your code with your phone to check the link!

Grouping elements

Sometimes, you want to keep things together, move them together, and keep them linked so your formatting doesn’t get all messed up. Canva lets you “group” elements to do just that.

First, select all the elements you wanted to be grouped together. You do this by clicking and dragging over the desired elements and selecting them all. You can also hold the ‘Shift’ and click each one individually.

Once you have selected all the items you want to be grouped together, select “Group” in the upper right toolbar. Now you can move or resize them all together.

Enhance your photos with Canva frames

Looking to spice up your images to create a unique look? Frames are the answer!

Select the Elements tab, then scroll down to Frames and See All. Once you find a frame you like, select it to add it to your design. Move and resize as you wish. Then drag and drop your image on top and it will snap into place inside the frame.

BONUS TIP: If you want to zoom in on your image or move it around inside the frame, just double-click. A transparent version of your full image opens where you can make the adjustments.

Add Hyperlinks

Another little-known feature of Canva is that you can embed hyperlinks to the website of your choice!

Highlight the text you want to act as the anchor for the link, then click the “Link” button in the upper right toolbar. Now you can add the website link. Easy peasy!!!

Create Device Mockups

If you are looking to create a mockup of your image on a device or shown “in action”, Canva makes it super easy.

There are two main ways to create mockups: using frames or the integrated Smart Mockup tool.


Like before you select the Elements tab, then scroll down to Frames and See All. There are a number of laptop, monitor/computer, or phone frames to choose from.

Smart Mockups

To use Smart Mockups, first, select your image, then select “Edit Image”. Scroll down and look for “Smart Mockups”, then choose “See All” to view all the mockups available. Once you find a mockup you like, select it and your image will automatically be applied. If you like how it looks, select “Apply” to save your change.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Canva is an incredibly versatile and user-friendly platform that can help you take your creativity and business to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned user or just getting started, these Canva tips and tricks are sure to help you create stunning designs and achieve your goals.

Now you know a TON of helpful tools to use in Canva that will help you master designing in Canva. Share in the comments which Canva tips you found most useful!

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